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Scary Games

Scary Games are fun. Although it seems that is not true, they really are games to pass full of fear, adrenaline and fun time. Select the game of your choice. Asustate and scare your friends with this great variety of scary games. You need to be very strong so do not panic. Spend a few good scares. Avoid playing if you’re too scary or if you have heart problems. Really do not be afraid and plays with the light on for you to play with more tranquility.
Really you do not need to be afraid. Enters a haunted house and save the mission. Make all possible points. Shoot the ghosts that attack you, fight with the zombies or vampires and flees with the most beautiful pricesa. Be the winner in this great variety of games of terror and fear.

Screenshot 2016-04-06 at 20.46.49 Scary Games

Geist Horror Escape

Turn off the light interacts with objects, search for clues, find the key to the door and escape alive if you can

Screenshot 2016-04-06 at 20.37.32 Scary Games

Forgotten Hill: Fall

The car has broken down a few kilometers from the nearest town, I have only a flashlight, I will inspect the site to see if…