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Hidden Object Games

Games Find hidden objects without great. Ugar Come with us. We have a high and a variety of games deste type. A large collection of these games are waiting for you. Top games to find hidden objects in Spanish, complete and timeless. So do not hurry to find those objects.
Do you think to find all those lost one game objects? We’re sure you can not, that’s why we challenge you to play. carefully searching all the missing pieces and score points each you find them. There are some that are very hidden. Look carefully to find them.

Screenshot 2016-04-06 at 15.42.49 Adventure Games

Pirates and Treasures

In this game your mission is descibrir all the secrets of pirates sailing in the sea. Find each and every one of the hidden objects….

Screenshot 2016-04-06 at 15.34.14 Hidden Object Games

Titanic’s Hidden Mystery

You need to solve the mystery surrounding the huge ship that sank in the Atlantic. The wonderful Titanic. Find all the clues to get the…